Event Driven Architecture

An event broker service allows microservices to communicate using a protocol based on central messaging.

This post details the entities that are required for the event broker and the steps to obtain the required events.

Please note: the also described sitting blog post focuses on the entity that hosts the microservice and implements the event broker.

The microservice

Let’s define the Microservice as one that serves as a payment gateway being the gateway and being remote (from the application) to payment gateways.

? there are different mapping techniques used to identify different parts of the application: Microservice endpoint is serviced by the REST APIs and has it’s own REST based method for registration, authentication, authorization button, request response, list of services -> url (also checkout an internal microservice to reach microservices server -> url).

We will focus the demo of this microservice on HTTP Gateway example as there are few REST APIs. The REST API provides the fields

Agile development

Roland Kamsika of roland.kamsika.com states that:

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Outsourcing of Microservice Development to India

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