Event Driven Architecture

An event broker service allows microservices to communicate using a protocol based on central messaging.

This post details the entities that are required for the event broker and the steps to obtain the required events.

Please note: the also described sitting blog post focuses on the entity that hosts the microservice and implements the event broker.

The microservice

Let’s define the Microservice as one that serves as a payment gateway being the gateway and being remote (from the application) to payment gateways.

? there are different mapping techniques used to identify different parts of the application: Microservice endpoint is serviced by the REST APIs and has it’s own REST based method for registration, authentication, authorization button, request response, list of services -> url (also checkout an internal microservice to reach microservices server -> url).

We will focus the demo of this microservice on HTTP Gateway example as there are few REST APIs. The REST API provides the fields